What is the objective of the Recycling Program?

This program is sponsored by MI Technologies Inc. and is part of our commitment to minimize the impact mercury from projector lamps has on the environment. Our program offers you an environmentally safe way to dispose of your old front and rear projection lamps.

Actually, we reward federal, local and educational institutions per projector lamp (with housing) that is recycled:

We offer a store credit of $7 for purchasing an OEM compatible or a $10 credit towards your purchase of an OEM original projector lamp from the sponsor of the program, MI Technologies.

The program is extended to December 2020.


Why are there different Recycling Programs for governmental institutions or private companies and consumers?

Our sponsor, MI Technologies, has agreed to help educational and government institutions recycle their large quantity of projector lamps. These organizations will receive an award for each lamp shipped to MI Technologies, 2215 Paseo de las Americas, Unit 30, San Diego, CA 92154:

The higher reward ($10) applies for purchasing an OEM original lamp, while the $7 store discount applies to an OEM compatible lamp. This is a one for one lamp exchange benefit.

Consumers and other businesses returning at least three projector lamps can receive a free shipping label.


Which products qualify for the Recycling Program?

We accept the following products: projector lamps/bulbs & rear projection TV lamps/bulbs. We do not give credit for any other products such as Halogen Bulbs, Xenon Lamps, Light Bulbs, or other items outside the scope of projection lamps. Please do not send us those types of lamps.

We provide the $7 for compatible or $10 for original OEM new purchase discount for lamps with housings, not for bare lamps.


Is a purchase necessary to participate in the program?

No purchase is required to participate in the program. In case you’re interested in a quotation for replacement lamps, please contact: Klaus.Scholz@mitechnologiesinc.com with your model numbers and the quantity needed. You can also request our electronic catalog listing more than 2,000 projector lamps available in the US market.


Are there any restrictions on the number of lamps allowed for recycling?

No, we will pay the freight for whatever amount of lamps you ship. There is a minimum quantity for companies/consumers of 3 lamps to receive the free shipping label.


As a school, how and when will we be rewarded for our used lamps?

Once we receive your shipment and verify the quantity, you can expect to receive a confirmation mail within 30 days from the time of validation. We will offer you $10 or $7 store credits according each lamp recycled.


What are the actual steps required in the Recycling Program?

  1. Click on the "Recycle Now" button on homepage, according to the program designed for you.
  2. Fill out the required information to generate a free shipping label: Quantity of Lamps, Contact Information, Customer Type.
  3. Please print one UPS label per package. Don’t copy and use the same UPS label for different shipments, as our software will not recognize different packages with the same tracking number and UPS may charge you for using the same tracking number/label for multiple packages.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email once your UPS label registration is completed.
  5. Please package lamps individually so bulbs will not break, and mercury leaks out.
  6. Tape on UPS label on top of box with lamps and drop off at nearest Authorized UPS Drop Off location.
  7. We will contact you by mail after quantity of lamps is confirmed.


How do I ship my lamps?

Please pack your lamps in individual boxes or bubble wrap, so they will not be damaged during shipping process. Burners of those lamps may break during transportation and mercury gets deposed within the box.

As shipping is pre-paid don’t worry about weight, which is standardized as 1 lb.


Who is MI Technologies, Inc.?

MI Technologies is the largest manufacturer of projector replacement lamps in America and the largest distributor of original OEM projector lamps (Philips, Osram, Ushio, Phoenix, Panasonic and others) in the USA. As a manufacturer the company offers lower prices than any reseller.


More Questions or Suggestions?

Please contact us and we will be glad to address your concerns.